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Books in print

Tacoma Blues

A novel. Two households with two professional baseball coaches, two moms, six teenagers, one gospel church, three vehicles, softball, ballet, swimming, piano, baseball and something called Twist & Twirlers. Life is perfectly scheduled down to the hour on a plastic calendar in the kitchen. 

And then the wheels fall off.

$12 + s/h 

 2012. ISBN: 978-0-9644164-7-5  

317 pages. Also available on Kindle


Historical fiction. This is how the magic happened, and it wasn't always charming. But, the distractions only crystalized the spirit and determination of those who came together to present something truly extraordinary. The author directed the first 

Disneyland Main Street Electrical Parade.
$15 + s/h     

2010. ISBN: 978-0-9644164-6-8   

316 pages. Also available on Kindle.


Short Story Memoirs. From silliness to poignancy, from barely believable to wholly peculiar, Rascal romps through the anecdotes of a boy who lived and witnessed the absurd, outlandish, and impossible. He fondly shares  stories from the bullet-proof innocence of youth. Sequel to Sweardagod.

$12 + s/h  

2009. ISBN: 978-0-9644164-4-4 

240 pages. Also available on Kindle.


Short story memoirs. Ben and his next-door-neighbor Dave relied on a solemn oath, sweardagod, to differentiate between truth and fiction. Dave assured his friend that swearing to a lie would  earn him "an eternity in Hell standing on your head in vomit and poop!" Honoring that boyhood vow, all of these tales are true. Just consider the whole poop thing and suspend disbelief long enough to enjoy real stories from a somewhat misspent youth.

$12 + s/h  

2007. ISBN: 0-9644164-2-5  

255 pages. Also available on Kindle


War memoir. This is the true story of Ben's experience from his first failed attempts with his draft board through a brief stint as a field medic in the Vietnam War. This self-published book was picked up by Random House, published in 2002, and has sold over fifty thousand paperback copies. It can be ordered at any bookstore. 

Hard bound copies, in limited supply, are available only through this site for $24 + s/h.

A Presidio Press Book, published by Random House.

Restore Breathing

Short Stories. Sherman's first book for use in his training and consulting practice. These stories helped individuals and teams unlock participation and expression. Each of them has a message delivered in Ben's typical down-to-earth, light, humorous style.

$8 + s/h

1994. ISBN: 0-9644164-0-9  

138 pages.

Stage Plays


“A boast, a threat, some magic, a marriage, a baby, and a broken promise.” Full length, two acts.

 7M 8F [plus extras if desired]

Suitable for all ages, updated comedic version of the familiar fairy tale. It's been said that theatre imitates life and that would be true here, if life includes bragging, lying, magic, naivety, threats and mistrust. All of that, and they may just live happily hereafter.

The Hearing

“If Lady Justice is blind, she needs to use all her other senses.” 

Full length, two acts. 5M 6F 

In a routine preliminary hearing to set a trial date, a seasoned judge listens as prosecution and defense attorneys interview a fifteen-year-old assault victim and three witnesses. The case is airtight, with DNA evidence to support their accusations, and the accused isn't talking. But, ssomething is amiss. 

Jules dot Com

"Rather than daggers, these modern conspirators use gossip and accusations." 

Full length, two acts - 5M 6F

Shakespeare wrote tragedies to inform life’s evolving edges and endings. Act by act, scene by scene, this adaptation closely follows the story of the meteoric rise and fall of Julius Caesar. The story is old and the script is new, set in a contemporary business organization. 

Stageplays Royalties $75/$25

Loose-leaf scripts are $5.00 each and need not be returned.